Friday, December 12, 2008

Lights went out for an hour...

The storm caused something to happen and we lost power for about an hour tonight. Probably a big limb falling onto the power lines.

Thank goodness for flashlights (that work) and oil lamps that are rarely used and lots of candles to make more light and we were set. Set to do what? Nothing. And then I realized my friend, my laptop, would work for on battery but no internet. Even found enough candles to take across the street to neighbors who had none.

We found out one oil lamp isn't working and the other one the wick is so old it didn't to burn. We will work on them tomorrow to make sure both are working well. We may have to use all of them again this weekend since we are in the midst of a possible 5 day storm.

Light is a blessing, when it's dark it's really dark.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We've had a couple of raccoons visiting our front yard the past few nights when they found Nature Boy (hubby) would feed them some dry bread. I went out and got this picutre but all you mostly can see is the glow of his eyes. He has the biggest raccoon tail I've ever seen and I was able to get about 6 feet away from him. Since it's very dark out it didn't show up real well.