Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Day's pass way too fast...

Here it is almost Friday and I wrote the last time on Monday. Where oh where does time go? The older I get, I swear the faster it goes.

We are having long time friends to dinner on Friday. June and I became friends way back in 1st grade, 1st day. Oh my, so many years ago. We remained friends through school, when our kids were young we lived next door to each other and for the past years they've lived near Portland.

My other long term friend grew up with me. I was about 4 when I met her, she lived down the road from us and our parents became good friends. She's like a sister and a dear friend. She lives in Arizona.

My other friend I'm going to mention I found as a pen pal in a Girl Scout magazine. She lives in England and I started writing her when I was 11... going on 59 years ago. We talk on the phone now and then, send Christmas cards and oh I wish she had a computer but they don't.

I love long term friends. Well, I love short term friends too and all those in the middle. I feel I have been blessed with so many great friendships that have enriched my life and time here on earth. I pray I keep finding new friends as I walk this path (perhaps a little slower) in my sunset years. For those who read this, "Thank you for being my friend"

Monday, January 19, 2009


What a wonderful last few days.... sunshine and blue sky. Not a cloud in sight ( all though the rain is said to be returning soon) and at night the dark sky is lit up with the stars and moon. So crispy is the air and the remaining leaves crunch as you walk over them.

As tired as I get of the gloomy days, I'm so thankful to live in an area of our country that is green and full of color from Spring through Fall. I'll take the winter to have the spring, summer and fall. A tapestry of colors whichever the season, so awesome for the eyes to see.

How blessed we are.....