Saturday, December 6, 2008

Crisp Cold Days

Oh how I love them. There is nothing like blue sky, crisp air and crunchy leaves. When I take a walk it's so invigorating.

The crescent moon at night and stars out are awesome. What an awesome world and universe God created. I'm so grateful to be alive and part of the whole scheme of things.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Giving

I just wrapped 3 gifts for Santa to give to 3 someone's at Somerset Retirement along with one for my Mom. They have a wonderful Christmas party each year for residents. It doesn't take much to make someone happy who does not have family at the holidays. Giving is fun at Christmas time. Our church always finds a Christmas Family to help out each year... to help make their Christmas brighter. We also give to Salvation Army for needy kids. Always feel a little better after dropping money into the kettles seen at stores at Christmas. All coins/paper add up to bigger amounts. Then there are the food drives.

I can't give to them all so I've picked which ones I'll donate to. I can't imagine Christmas without a good dinner. I know there is so much more that I could do to put joy into someone else's Christmas...I'm thinking.

A smile, a "Merry Christmas", a hug all are free gifts to give. They are unlimited ...I'll make it a point to show my Christmas spirit to all I come into contact with this season.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Shopping Done

Yep, all done, plus 2 of the 5 December birthdays. Who was the hardest to buy for? Hubby, of course. No list ( well, 2 little things) but sneaky me figured out more. I sack, don't wrap. Don't send Christmas cards anymore... e-mail must do except for a very few.

Nope, not baking this year, quit that last year... less stress, less work and much healthier for all.

Now this all sounds a little negative but it isn't at all. I love Christmas... the decorations (much less each year), the lights (have a few outside) the smells (spray can on fake tree giggle).

I love the times with family and friends. Love the special lunches and dinners out. Love the Advent season at Church and the Christmas Carol's. Love rehearing the Saviors birth. Love the lights on the lake, the ones on residential streets. Such fun to see them at night along with all the other decorations so many have these days.

No little ones anymore...youngest grandchild is Cody who is 13 now. Our little ones are our oldest granddaughter's and they are in Norfolk VA - Navy. He is soon on his way home to Norfolk after a six month "out to sea" in the nuclear sub he works in. Then in March they will head for 3 years of duty in Hawaii. Those poor kids.

We also won't see our next oldest granddaughter and her other half. They live in Southern California and she will be working hard as she prepares for department manager in her store.

The other six grandchildren will be around, thank goodness. But we know they will spread their wings, too, and off they will go.

I'm really lucky as all 3 kids are close to home.... isn't happening that way with the grand kids. But we are so proud of them as they go their separate ways.

My sister lives in Utah, my brother in Cathlamet, my hubby's 2 brothers live here but another one in southern California.

And another gift of another year with Mom. She is 97 1/2, oh how blessed we all are. She is a jewel and the whole family is darned proud of her.

How lucky we are to have family. What a gift God gave us in family.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, off I go to play computer games. No list running through my head tonight.