Friday, November 14, 2008

Not much to write about as this has been a pain day and those days I don't think well. I did go to Wallyworld and then to my Mom's. What a blessing she is to me. She's 97 years old, very sharp for her age and looks forward to visits. I'm proud of her. She loves her computer games (scrabble, cards, jig saw puzzles, etc) and spends a lot of time playing them. She loves to read, has changed to bigger size print. I have got to remember to call and see if it is time to get her eyes checked and make the appointment. So hard to remember every thing.

It's dry out and the leaves are crunchy in the back yard when I go out with Sparky to do his thing. He likes the dry days much better even if they are cold.

I've started doing a little Christmas shopping. Got hubby a computer game today, have Mom's done and a friends. Still have a lot to do. So glad I have a Christmas fund I started a few years ago. So nice when that money is there for Christmas each year. The family is growing bigger by the year and I'm beginning to cut back a little on the gifts. The love is the same or more, though, and I guess that is what counts.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I love our hummingbirds. We have them year around in spite of freezing weather and snow. The winter ones are Anna's that migrate down. The little ones go south. Some years I've had to bring their food inside and thaw it so they can drink. They are all so colorful. Did you know the neck consists of rounded feathers that look like sequins? They become quite tame and are not frightened if you are in the vicinity of the feeders. I've never found a nest but think they are up in the cedar tree or in the ivy bank. That's where they "zoom" a lot in the spring and summer.

We had a wind and rain storm yesterday so the little guys don't fly around as much and use up their energy so they feed less often. There's some sunshine today and they are active once again.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It's poured all day, gutters are running over, leaves piling up plugging them. What a job for city workers. It's easy to forget about appreciating people in the background, but I saw so many of them working out in the downpours today, that I was reminded to appreciate them even more.

And the rain? Well, I love the seasons, I love the green and flowers in the Spring, the summer daisies and eating outside in the summers, the colors of fall and even the snow in the winter. But gray days drag me down, I need light and more light. So.... if I want the seasons I have to put up with the rain and I will gladly do just that.

Little Sparky hasn't been very happy having to go outside today. He waits until he can't wait any longer and then reluctantly runs outside at the last minute.

For me, it's an early bedtime tonight. Big meeting today and I'm tired and achy. Goodnight

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well, I've already blown's been more than a week since creating this blog and this is only my second writing. It's typically fall now, rain and wind and leaves and leaves and leaves. Once the leaves are off the tree's I'm ready for spring.

It's so hard to believe today was Veteran's Day. Seems like yesterday we were celebrating it last year. Time flies by so quickly the older we get... Slow down, slow day days and weeks...Please

Had a nice lunch with my 97 year old Mom today. She lives in a retirement home. I downloaded a new game on her computer and she is trying to learn it. She plays scrabble, jig saw puzzles, solitaire games and word games on her computer. Yep, I wrote that right... she is only 97.

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow. I want to get into a good habit. Think I'll try the one minute blogging each day. Today we had a red headed woodpecker pecking at the suet basket. Wish I could have gotten a picture.