Sunday, March 7, 2010

Goodness,  did I miss winter and not do any contributions to this blog?  It sure looks like it.  Spring is in bloom, the nights still cold but Gods creation is beginning to bloom in living color here.  I realize for many it is still winter and I count my blessings as I'm out in the low 60's checking out each little bud or leaf or flower.

Counting my blessings.... makes me start to think of how many things are blessings to me in my daily walk.  Let me share just a few....

My Mom turns 99 in July...  How blessed my sister, brother and I are to have her still with us, that she is still very sharp and alert to the world.  It's hard to get Mom out and about (she lives in an assisted living home and has NO assistance) as she is so comfortable in her lovely apartment.  Going places tires her out, but yesterday, I went to her home and told her to grab a sweather we were heading out for a ride.  She agreed to go  (She was going to walk around the sidewalks but riding sounded easier for her) and out the door with Mom and her walker.  We went and got the car washed and took a ride... all the time visiting and enjoyed what we saw.  It was a wonderful hour for both of us...nothing like "mother/Daughter" time together.

Another blessing I have is the beautiful area I live in...  SW Washington State along the Columbia River which heads out (60 miles away) to the Pacific Ocean.  We have color where ever you look, mountains, evergreens, trees that lose their leaves in fall and burst into full bloom before they get leaves in the Spring.  Small creeks wander through the rurul area's giving beautiful spots for fishermen to fish small fish.  Along the Columbia you will see Fishermen with sturdy poles trying their luck for a sturgeon, salmon or steelhead in season.  God's beauty everywhere.

I'm blessed to have been married for 53+ years to the same man.  We went together in High School and married the year after I graduated.  I'm blessed to be Mom of 3 wonderful & responsible kids who have given me 8 grandchildren plus 2 great grandchildren.  How very lucky I am and blessed even more.

I'm blessed to have my little Sparky dog whom we both love dearly.  For those of us that have had our family grow up and be gone for some time, our little furry friends are like children to us.  They love us unconditionally as we love them.

I'm blessed and thankful for the little things, running water, electricity, phones and computer.  Food at my table and a wonderful home to live in (for the last 47 years).  Wonderful family members and church family members...friends I've seen and have seen.    I am so  blessed.

It's a blessing to have you at my table as I chat away....  Have a great day!