Friday, November 21, 2008

Is it Friday already?

Just sitting here with my coffee, thinking and remembering. OOOPS, that can be frightening, (laughing).

Friday... how does it roll around so quickly? It seems it comes faster than it did when we had kids at home, faster than the years of working and now retirement the weeks fly by. Makes me realize that in the seasons of life, time flies. I appreciate so many things more as I get older.

Things like:

The time I get to spend each day with hubby and how our lives have become one over the years.

The time we get to spend with our kids and their families. They are all so busy that we don't see them often but treasure the moments we do see them. The times we get to see our grandchildren as they have spread their own wings going every which way. How proud we are of our family, they are so very dear to us.

The fact that I still get to hug my mom and get hugs back. I'm able to share with her and she shares with me. You see, my Mom is 97 and "still with it". I'm so proud of her and how she has spent her "winter" years. She reads, plays games on the computer (is a scrabble whiz), and has a smile that reaches anyone she comes into contact with. How blessed I am.

The friends we have, a life time of friends. I can't even begin to count on both hands the number of friends we've had since we were kids and they are still in our lives. Oh we are so lucky to have so many. My first friend, Janet, is still a close friend. We were so little when our parents started visiting and getting to know each other. Her family is still like part of my family as we did so many things together as families and as kids. My friend, June, who I met in first grade on the first day is still a close friend. How many things we've shared, good and bad. How we have always been there for each other. We still get together with them often. And the list goes on and on and on.

I'm still making new friends... in person, at church, via e-mails and more. Friends are truly some of the richest gems through life.

I could go on and on this morning but my coffeepot is empty and so is my cup. I need to "get into gear" and start my day.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Hawk's Eye

Another picture that my sister took close to our home (telephoto lens) of a hawk. I was amazed how close of a look she got.

It's cloudy and rainy today, very gray day. I'm not much of a gray day person but have learned to make my own sunshine. That sunshine might be a phone call, a friend stopping by, chatting with an e-friend or just visiting with my husband. There is always so much sunshine around when you look for it, each ray is a blessing for that moment. How blessed I am to see and recognize those rays of sunshine.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Downy Woodpecker

A few days ago, I shared with you that we had a Downy Woodpecker eating the suet. He came back again yesterday. My camera isn't as good as my sisters was with the other pictures but at least I got one of him. It could be the same guy who was drumming on a wooden house that is hooked to our blue spruce tree this spring. He was around in the early hours (5:30-6:30 a.m.) drumming away and then sometimes in the evening. It went on for probably a month or more. Don't know if he ever found the love of his life or not.

The squirrels were eating at the back feeder today getting the seed up off the ground where a bunch fell as my hubby was filling the feeder. Sparky, our little "dog-son" was very happy as he had his friends to play with. It's really funny to watch as they tease each other. The little 8 pound guy can't figure out why he can't scurry up the trees like the squirrels do.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Love those Squirrels

This is one of our front yard squirrels. We live about 5 miles from the lake where they originally stayed. Over the years they have migrated miles out into the more urban area.

One day a couple weeks ago we had 11 of them scurrying around in our front yard. They were having a good time "aerating" our lawn burying their sunflower seeds for dinner during the winter. It was "squirrelly" with squirrels chasing each other. They are so fun to watch. We feed them sunflower seeds each morning. You can watch them walking the telephone and power lines to their next course of food.

Nature is so fun to observe. Love being retired so there is time to just sit and watch all nature's glory. What a big plan God had when he created all these awesome things.

Monday, November 17, 2008

My birds and the suet

If you don't have many birds and have a kitchen window or one where you look out a lot, hang a suet box with a suet block inside. You will be amazed at the different birds that come to feed all winter long. I love watching mine. Right now it's a lot of little birds, but as I said the other day, Mr. Downy Woodpecker came for dinner.

Nature is so wonderful to watch, whether it's a little black and orange furry caterpillar or or a bird in the sky. Even at dusk you can watch the bat's fly around above, catching their bugs for their feast that night.

Take time to smell the roses... enjoy the wonders all about you. I sure do!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just thinking about things I'm thankful for......

My faith in God
The sun that comes up in the mornings and the moon at night
Our 3 children, 3 in-law kids, 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren
The joyous sounds of family members when we are together
A dear husband for over 50 years, what a guy!
Great Sister and Brother
A Mom who is still here to give hugs (97)
Our little Sparky, what sparkle he can put in our eyes and heart
Friends ... forever friends, new friends and one's we picked up along the way. What blessings
My computer and my computer friends

And so very much more... I'm a lucky gal!!