Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall is such a Beautiful Season

I've so enjoyed the changes from summer to fall. The leaves of all colors jump out at you where ever you go in SW Washington State. Some flowers are still blooming in my yard... gerianiums, inpatients and a few nasturtiums and a few struggling rose buds. All will be gone with the first heavy frost so I am enjoying them as I can.

Fall is a great time to shed bad habits and be renewed in the springtime. I'm back working on the pounds, hoping to be back into my smaller clothes by Spring. (now I didn't say they were 4's or 6's but smaller than they are now,laughing.)

Laughing? You have to laugh, it's much better than crying. Crying cleanses but laughing cleans and put smiles on our faces... I want a happy face, how about you? If it is to be, it's all up to me...