Saturday, March 7, 2009

Snow again

Southwest Washington is expecting snow again. This time the signs of spring will show through the snow and we know it won't last long. Actually about 24-36 hours.

My daffodils are getting close to blooming and green is beginning to show on the lilac's and wild bushes in amongst the trees.

The bird watching is fun along with the squirrels scurrying around in the front yard. We have a beautiful red headed Sap Sucker drilling on some wood to let others know he is around. So many different kinds of birds are feeding at the feeders.

Yeah, Spring is coming, Spring is coming. Yipee!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Sunday's are a special day for me. They start my week by attending church services at Stella Chapel, which we call our Chapel in the Woods.

My history with this Lutheran church begain 65 years ago when I was 4. At that time it met in a living room of a couple who lived at Stella. It grew and grew so eventually our little chapel came into existence. It has been added on to giving us a big family room for dinners and social times. A favorite is coffee and goodies after church or our 3rd Sunday potluck.

As a teenager I was in the youth group. We had so much fun. We put on plays for the church members and many other things. Our youth group met with a group in town and we had a scavenger hunt. I was almost 16 at the time. We broke off in groups and one of the fellows decided he would date me. I had not been allowed to date as the magic age was 16 but my family knew of his family and gave the ok. 3 years later we were married in this little church and the rest is history. 51 years of marriage this year.

So now you know why Stella Lutheran Chapel means so much to me. I feel close to God as I'm sitting there listening to the pastor. The people around me are family, my church family.

Thank you, Lord for all the years I have spent with you.