Friday, February 20, 2009

Because of the WWW....

Because of the WWW the world has grown so small.

The other night I received an e-mail, one with a page of recipes on the WWW. I started laughing and this is why...

Years ago (like 14 or a little less) I had quit working. I had to quit because of my health. I loved my job, it was a wonderful one.

To keep my mind busy I got a new computer and found a 50 plus group on the internet. The group has officially disbanded but stays in touch via different ways... Anyway we made a Web home online. One of the most popular sections was a cookbook (it's still online at

Anyway, friends that we have dinner with often, received the crock pot chapter in an e-mail. So the great cookbook is still traveling the web. That's good as we put a lot of hours into it.

Guess what goes around really does come back around.

Monday, February 16, 2009


This morning I've been thinking of my 8 grandchildren and how special they are and how much we love them. They are growing up so fast. Our oldest is 25 and our youngest is 13.

Each one has their own specialness. One is not loved more than another. We are so proud of each one and their accomplishments, their dreams, their lovingness, their honesty, their abilities. Of course they are not perfect. They are kids are finding their own paths. Some of their decisions haven't been the best but they have grown from them. We love them unconditionally.

And then there are the great granddaughters. What a treasure. I love talking to them and seeing them through the video cam. What a blessing the computer is for families that are separated by miles.

I thank my children for their children and my granddaughter for her children. Life is great, life is beautiful. Family is my treasure.