Friday, January 2, 2009

What's this???

What's this? More snow, all white again, sand truck on the hill. Hope the whole winter isn't this way. The east coast is used to it, the mountains are used to it, but we aren't. Snow snow... go away.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Dog Kids


Sparky is our "Dog Son". We always had doxies but when the last one died, we said, "no more, it hurts too bad". Then our daughter got a little white Maltese. I loved him (this was about 3 months later) Hubby said "I thought we said, no more dogs?" I said "yes, but...." He said "NO".

Our kids decided to get his half brother for me. I said "Yes"..... hubby shook his head.

Well the evening we drove to the airport in Portland to pick him up from a trip from Tennessee, we BOTH fell in love with him. He will be 3 years old in January. My hubby thinks he is the smartest, neatest dog we have ever had.

I think he is a spoiled baby (guess who did it?)... yep, both of us. He isn't a lap dog, he's a chest dog. Loves to lay across the bosom and snuggle his head under my chin on my shoulder. He's a great big 8 pounds. His hair is silky and has to be cut like ours does every 6 weeks. I'm keeping him in a shorter look but since he missed his appt during the snow he is really getting longer. We have an appt next week for him.

Happy Birthday, Sparky.... we love you! Of course our 3 human kids we love a lot more..... (have to say that so we don't get in trouble.