Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wonderful Spring... wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

Here it is late May already. I've been missing from blogging as I've been busy getting the yard, flowers, etc caught up. I've finally done it so now I can just pull the determined weed that appears here and there and talk to the flowers.

We live semi rural, just 1 1/2 miles from the main highway to the Pacific Coast and a couple miles from the hustle bustle of business's. It's so amazing how much nature we have here right in my own yard. More of it than I realized before my camera and I became great friends.

The mama duck at the top with her brood walked down the road (big hill) in front of our house., across into the neighbors yard below us. I have pictures of the parents before the hatchlings appeared. I think there are nine of them, maybe only eight.

My flowers are beginning to bloom and color is every where. I'm so thankful to live where there are 4 seasons. Winter is my least favorite as it is dreary and gray except when it snows and can be depressing. I live for spring and the first signs of growth. From then on my heart beats a little lighter, my face smiles a lot more and I'm into the NOW. So many colors of greens and a myriad of colors of flowers are to be seen everywhere. How much luckier can a girl get?