Friday, November 14, 2008

Not much to write about as this has been a pain day and those days I don't think well. I did go to Wallyworld and then to my Mom's. What a blessing she is to me. She's 97 years old, very sharp for her age and looks forward to visits. I'm proud of her. She loves her computer games (scrabble, cards, jig saw puzzles, etc) and spends a lot of time playing them. She loves to read, has changed to bigger size print. I have got to remember to call and see if it is time to get her eyes checked and make the appointment. So hard to remember every thing.

It's dry out and the leaves are crunchy in the back yard when I go out with Sparky to do his thing. He likes the dry days much better even if they are cold.

I've started doing a little Christmas shopping. Got hubby a computer game today, have Mom's done and a friends. Still have a lot to do. So glad I have a Christmas fund I started a few years ago. So nice when that money is there for Christmas each year. The family is growing bigger by the year and I'm beginning to cut back a little on the gifts. The love is the same or more, though, and I guess that is what counts.

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