Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well, I've already blown it....it's been more than a week since creating this blog and this is only my second writing. It's typically fall now, rain and wind and leaves and leaves and leaves. Once the leaves are off the tree's I'm ready for spring.

It's so hard to believe today was Veteran's Day. Seems like yesterday we were celebrating it last year. Time flies by so quickly the older we get... Slow down, slow day days and weeks...Please

Had a nice lunch with my 97 year old Mom today. She lives in a retirement home. I downloaded a new game on her computer and she is trying to learn it. She plays scrabble, jig saw puzzles, solitaire games and word games on her computer. Yep, I wrote that right... she is only 97.

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow. I want to get into a good habit. Think I'll try the one minute blogging each day. Today we had a red headed woodpecker pecking at the suet basket. Wish I could have gotten a picture.

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